Burglar Alarm

Burglar alarms alert you through our monitoring center and sound whenever there is an unwelcome entry. Alarms can be installed on doors, windows, and other openings.

Main Features:

  • Wide variety of detection including door/window contact, motion, breaking glass, smoke/heat, temperature disturbance, and panic button activation.
  • Support both wired and wireless sensors.
  • For added security, we don’t combine keypad, siren with alarm control panel unlike some of our competitors.
  • 24/7 Monitoring through phone line, cellular network (GSM), or Internet.
  • Passcode-protected alarm to allow the right people to enable and disable the alarm.

Surveillance System

Set up a surveillance system that you can view from your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile phone.

Main Features:

  • Analog or IP-based cameras to fit any customer’s needs.
  • Complete solution including design, installation, router setup and remote access for surveillance system.
  • Watch and playback remotely with Internet access, supporting smart phones and PC.

Card Access

Main Features:

  • Have full control over who is allowed to come into the building and at what time. Check online to see who has entered the building and at what time.
  • Wide variety of models that will fit any need.
  • Integrate with our other services - for many of our users, we install card access along with the burglar alarm system and surveillance system for extra protection and convenience.

Intercom System

Allow communication inside and outside the building without letting unwanted strangers in. Perfect for houses, apartment complexes and more.

Main Features:

  • Multiple offerings.
    • Household entrance system: When a button by the front door is pressed, be able to see and talk to the person at the front.
    • Household room-to-room system: Talk to others in different rooms of the house.
    • Apartment system: Allow non-residents to call a friend in the apartment complex and be buzzed in from the resident’s apartment. This feature can be commonly integrated with the card access system so that normal residents can simple swipe a card to enter the building.
  • We’ll do everything from the design based on your floor plan to installation and on-going maintenance.

Cellular Alarm Monitoring Service

Traditional alarm communication depends on an analog land line to transmit signals to the monitoring center. However, there are a couple challenges with the traditional landline communication:

  • Most than 1/3 US households  have switched to cell phones only.
  • There are different types of Voice over IP Phone services which have compatibility issues with the monitor center’s line receivers.
  • The most dangerous situation is when the intruders cut the phone line before entering a protected property. The montitoring center would not be able to recieve the alarm signal when the intruders break in even when the siren still sounds.

SAFCO provides cellular alarm monitoring service to increase the level of convenience and security. With smart phones or desktop, customers can also arm/disarm their alarm remotely.

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